Project Learning

Some children, like our older daughter do like to sit at a desk and learn, but other children at this age have no interest in that yet... and that is FINE! It’s great! They shouldn’t’ have to if they don’t need to. The trick is to make sure they are learning.  You have to change your expectations of what learning is.  There are so many ways to learn! We will provide children every opportunity to learn and grow in ways that they choose and prefer. If a couple of kiddos want to learn about insects or butterflies we will find or buy some caterpillars and learn everything there is to know about those interesting creatures. If a child is digging in the dirt and finds a worm and is interested in it we will build a worm bin and teach them about compost and why worms are so important to our world! Project learning is such a wonderful way to include any child to wants to learn about something new and they will understand it so much better when they can use their two hands to grasp that worm or build that fence so we can buy a mini donkey!! Our garden will be a laboratory for digging, planting. processing, and probably ingesting vegetables.