Our Mission

We believe in serving. Both in our school and in our community.  We seek out ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Edmond Christian Montessori will search for ways to show His love and give back to our community.  Jered’s heart is for our surrounding community. He wants to plant other preschool(s) / Pre-k centers in different parts of the surrounding cities for families who could use a great school but can’t afford it.  Or if a great preschool / pre-k already exists, bless them in ways that they can reach as many kids as possible.  As a school, there are many ways we can serve our local community. We can make homeless bags and take a field trip to pass them out. We can visit retirement homes on Valentine’s Day and pass out home made valentines and hard candies.  We can do all this in a way consistent with the structure and values of a Montessori early childhood education.  

My (Emily) heart is overseas. We want to take our children to experience other parts of the world, and teach them first hand about those places. We want to visit Montessori schools all over the world and learn from them.  Of course being teachers has the perk of being off during the summers, but we want to use that time to travel the world learning other cultures, teaching styles, and Montessori practices. 

If their is anything to take away from our school it is that we are a family.  We would love to have some families who could come and volunteer in the garden, teach a music time, or educate us all on how to build and fly a drone! We want you to be a part of opening our school and making it the best it could possibly be. It takes a village to raise children, and we think we can be a good part of that village.

There are preschools / schools that have been around longer than us. There are teachers that have taught for more years than us, but we believe that we have so much that we want to share with your child, and we believe that your child will have wonderful experiences with us.  They will learn and thrive in our safe, comfortable, fun environment. We truly appreciate you considering sending your precious child to learn in the Montessori style with us.