What is success

I did not go to a Montessori school, so I took a lot of tests.  I was always good at standardized tests, so it is hard for me to relate to these videos on the surface.  But as I have watched the children at our school struggle with some of the Montessori work, it saddens me that we put so much emphasis on the results of tests and not the process of learning.  The student in the video improved exponentially, grew in confidence, and learned.  Why is that not enough?  Why do we commend the students who do well without effort and try so hard to mold the kid who is trying their hardest, but not succeeding to emulate them.  Maybe the kid who is struggling, suffering, and building inner strength should get a standardized test on that, while the kid who doesn't have to struggle, should be given a different one.  

There are two types of students that I worry for.   They are the kids who struggle and the kids who don't.  My daughter will probably never be "behind" on any learning scales, but if I judge her based on her peers and where she "should" be, I will have failed despite what tests may show. Our children are individuals and do not always fit into percentiles and bell curves, but they all deserve time, struggle, success, and failure in order to grow into who they are called to be.  

The same is true for the child who struggles with school.  They deserve all of the encouragement, praise, and congratulations for succeeding as the other students, but just because what they are succeeding at doesn't fit into an education system that was designed decades ago and has very little relevance to what actually makes a good citizen/employee does not mean that they should be forgotten.  The sooner that we change our expectations, and start meeting students where they are, the faster we can move past antiquated measures and into deeper more meaningful insights into students.