End of year one

Our first school year has come to and end. It was an amazing year! We had SO MUCH FUN! I wanted to take a second and reflect on the highlights and the highs and lows of the year.

This journey has been a truly great one so far! We are so thankful for our school families. God blessed us BIG TIME by hand picking the families He sent us! When thinking about the best and hardest things about the year two things really stick out. I think the best part was the friendships that formed. It was so adorable to get to watch our students (and our children) make friendships. Friendships that will hopefully last a life time. I was totally surprised and excited about just how well the group got along. They could play for hours together just pretending and enjoying each other's company. From my experience as a teacher I have never witnessed a group of children that got along so well together! Our 3 year old, Eden, wakes up each morning and says "Is Brinley or Lucy going to be here today!" It's her motivation to get out of bed each day! That's one of the main reasons that we do what we do. We want to offer the best possible learning experience for our children, but also get to choose who we raise them with! It is a win/win for us! Not only was there some incredible child relationships formed but also some friendships between our family and our students' families that we will forever be grateful for! So many of our student's families poured into us each day and each week with encouragement and love and we could never say thank you enough for those times. God is so good and brought the exact people that we needed to us this year.

I would say the most challenging part of the year was finding the very best way to teach each individual child. It was a basically impossible task that we would strive to accomplish each day. But the hard thing about it is is that some things work for some kids and don't work at all for others. Some things work great on Monday for one child and doesn't work at all on Wednesday. It's a constant guessing/intuition game of trial and error. It was exhausting but also incredibly rewarding when it worked! Some days were very hard and didn't work at all and other days we were completely blown away at how much they had learned in a few short months. I was looking back over beginning of the year pictures and their beginning of the year work and they have grown so much! They have matured and become so much more independent. They have become more respectful and loving towards us and their classmates and us. They have each learned a great amount and we can't wait to see what more we can accomplish next year!

I also wanted to think back about some highlights of the year: Here are some things that really stick out!

Getting the horse and donkey last summer was about as adorable and enjoyable as possible! (And putting them in the back of the Subaru to deliver them home was a pretty memorable experience!)

The Easter egg hunt and dying of the eggs was a great party!

Getting the baby chicks was definitely one of the children's favorite parts of the year!

We also loved getting to love on both of the baby bunnies!

The end of the year swim party was a blast!

Water balloons and water fun was a great last day of school treat!

Walking to the rock park and going on adventures through the trails and creeks was always a great adventure!

Picking tons of bouquets of wild flowers from the back yard was several of the girls' (and boys') favorite past times in the spring. (Claire, Lindie, Ayla, Eden, and Brinley especially)

Gymnastics with Mr. David!

Making our Valentine's day boxes and passing out the Valentine's.

Dance parties!

Dress up time!

Putting on shows!

Going on nature walks.

Scooping poop (at least that was Claire's favorite thing!)

Getting into makeup (Lucy and Eden)

Taking communion together on Easter and watching the children's faces when telling the Easter story.

Listening to Roc recite ALL of the memory verses by heart!

Being completely impressed when learning that Emma could read at age 3!

Watching Brisbyn do Multiplication at age 5.

Watching Lindie fly like a flying squirrel across the gymnastics room and sticking the landing on the bars!

Seeing how far Gavin has come this year! (and him dressing up as a princess with a purse and baby stroller will forever be in my mind!)

Watching Liam come out of his shell and make some great friends!

 Enjoying Kaylie's proud face after she finished a hard work!

Coffee and tea deliveries from Roc's mom, Bethany!

Brisbyn's 5th, Mellow's 1st, and Eden's 3rd birthday parties!

Brinley and Kaylie telling the class they are having a baby sister soon! (And Henry and Lucy just had a baby sister! AND Lindie is having another baby brother!...... FUTURE MONTESSORI STUDENTS!!)

The kids always loved when Grammie and Grampie came for visits!

Beautiful afternoons where we spent HOURS outside!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Watching Gavin and Davin ride around in the car together! (And get into trouble together!)

Listening to their incredible imaginations!

Ninja Turtle and Star Wars games (Henry). Everyone loved Henry so much that even though most of them hadn't ever seen or knew anything about Ninja Turtles or Star Wars they always loved playing his games!

Ayla's adorable smile and her love for yoga!

Mellow learning to drive the car! (Scary!)

Those are just a few of the things that stick out but we had so many great memories from this year. I want to thank each of the families for supporting us emotionally, spiritually and through your kindness and encouragement. I also want to thank everyone who spread the word about us and helped us get out name out there. We are so blessed by this community, our family, and friends. We can't wait for an amazing summer and another great school year!